Given the latest exciting news regarding Countryfest 21, I thought I should go a little deeper into the Jake Owen catalogue of songs, so I purchased "Days Of Gold". Here's a quick summary for you, for what it's worth (actually around $10 on Amazon!!) 

2014 Countryfest headliner Jake Owen definitely has been listening' to his father's record collection when he came up with cuts for this album.   I mean that in a positive way, because, hell, that's my era as well!  His classic rock influence is all over this album.

The title cut "Days Of Gold" come FLYING out of your car speakers .  If he plays this one, he will flip the crowd right out!  It definitely sets the tone for the whole CD.  If you haven't heard it, I found something on YouTube for you to sample.

Now If you are a fellow baby boomer, you will especially love the lyrics in 1972. (Courtesy A-Z . It is an homage to his dad who worked in a music store and played his albums in the basement on his old school turntable.   I love the references in the chorus of the song to classic rock.

"I’m gonna rock you like Zeppelin, roll you like the stones
Burr like them speakers in my old headphones
Gonna fly like an eagle when I drop a needle on the blues
I’m gonna get the metal piece down from the attic
With a pop and a hiss and a little bit of static
We’ll return like a villain on some Dylan while we’re killin some booze
We’re gonna kick it like the kids did in 1972"

Courtesy Sony Music Downloads

And of course, what country album is devoid of a drinkin' song?  "Tall Glass Of Something" is comical and is another song tailor made for Countryfest, as well as "Tipsy".

There's a great "missin you" song  as well - "Ghost Town".  A little more mellow in tempo, but still "comes at you"

You know he'll be playing "The One That Got Away"  "Starting With Me", "Eight Second Ride"  and his other big hits, but also will be waiting impatiently for some of these new cuts to explode out of the speakers at Countryfest!  Get your tickets!! Here's how!