When I started at WGNA earlier this year, everyone told me Taste of Country and GNA's Countryfest were the 2 highlights of the year. I got to knock one off the list this weekend!

Credit: Matty Jeff

First, what an amazing drive up the mountain. The views and the scenery are breathtaking, and it almost feels like you are leaving your everyday world for another world full of live country music, parties and no worries for 3 days!

Hunter Mountain before the full crowd arrives. Credit: Matty Jeff

Second, what a great place to SEE a show!

This one is unique for the fans, and after hearing from the artists, unique for them too!

And a full house for Big & Rich! Credit: Matty Jeff

Wow! Such a cool sight from the stage. And well, then this happened during the Big & Rich set:

What a weekend! And it was just announced Jason Aldean is headlining next year!  I will DEFINITELTY see you there!