Moving from one snowy city to another, I never thought I would have the commute I had this morning.

I used to live in Portland, ME, which, like Albany, gets a fair amount of snow every year. So like Albany, we knew how to deal with the snow. Much to my surprise, my 35-minute commute on the Northway took 1 hour, 45 minutes this morning. My first reaction was shock. I moved to Albany, NY, how is this happening?

After screaming at my dashboard for a minute, I came to my senses. We had a weak winter, and I bet none of us were prepared for this. Usually we use the first big storm of the year to get our bad driving out of the way, and re-acclimate to getting around when bad weather strikes. We really did not get that first big, bad storm this year.

So this morning, we moved at a snails pace as we dealt with our first nasty commute...on April 4! At least this will be the last time we deal with this until late fall. I hope ;)