Okay, so maybe I've been under a rock forever, but I've never had a facial.  For one reason or another.  Not enough money, not enough time, I thought it was unnecessary, I was intimidated, etc.

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Well, let me tell you!  I finally, after 30 years, had a facial!  I went to Shelley Salon and Day Spa and had an anti-aging facial with a Cocoa Enzyme peel. OOOkkaaayyy!

I was nervous the night before. I asked my husband, "What should I wear to my facial?"

He looked at me, and answered, "What are you talking about?!  You're going to get a facial... just wear normal clothes."

Oh, duh.

So I did just that.  I wore normal clothes.

When I arrived they took me back to a lovely little private room with pretty, soft green paint on the wall, fresh flowers, and a cozy-looking bed.  Shannon, and the esthetician said, "Undress to your comfort level, there are robes on the back of the door."

"Oh, and I do a foot massage at the end."

Hmmmmmm.... I thought about it for a moment.  What an interesting statement.  "Undress to your comfort level."  If I took everything off and just put the robe on, would that be creepy?  If I left my pants on, is that weird with a robe?  Plus, the foot massage... Maybe I should just leave my unmentionables on... but I just dressed "normal" remember!  And my "normal" bra and underwear are not, well, exactly runway-ready.  So I panicked.  Stress.

Also, it's cold and the middle of winter, and I haven't shaved my legs in days... Oh no!  The foot massage!  The hairy legs!  "I'm sure she's seen worse!" I comfort myself.

Hmmmmm.... comfort.  Bra and undies it is.  Plus the plush robe.  I was comfortable.  I climbed into the heated bed.  Holy Moly!  Why isn't my own bed heated?

If I was under the covers, it really didn't matter what I had on, right?

Shannon came in.  All that thought and stress into what I should wear, and what does she say?  "Can you move your bra straps, I don't want to mess them up." Damn. Wrong choice.

I apologized for my ignorance - I told her I had never had a facial before.  Then I told her I didn't shave my legs... she laughed and told me she'd seen it all.  "Told ya!" I thought.

She was very good, and kind, and the facial was amazing!  But, generally I have a hard time relaxing.  Like when I go to bed, I'm all like,

"have to go to the store, meeting tomorrow at 9:15, Madelyn has soccer, Turner needs new pants for Saturday night, oh, we're out of dog food, wasn't that movie really good!? I shouldn't have had that chocolate bar... I'll get on the treadmill tomorrow...  did I produce that commercial?  shoot, dentist appointment thursday!"


So I tried to not do that.  I tried to enjoy the serene sounds of the ocean... breath in the steam, and enjoy having some "me" time.  Isn't that what "they" say you're supposed to do?

Expect... where should I put my hands?  Like, rest them on my belly?  Or on the table? Does it really matter?

And, am I supposed to talk to her?  "The weather sure has been terrible!" I say.

Of course she answers me... but maybe I shouldn't talk.

"How long have you been doing this?" I can't shut up.

"Six years." she says.

Relax, dummy.  My phone rings.  Really?  I should have put it on "silent."  It rings again.

Ahhhhhhhhh... As the layers of dead skin are peeled away from my skin, I start to let the layers of stress roll off too.  My phone rings again.  Huh.

By the time Shannon was done working her magic, I was totally relaxed and I really could notice a huge difference in my skin!  Now I know why people get facials!  I feel like I'm addicted!  I want to go and get the little massage, the peel and the hour of relaxation!

Notice the before and after pics below!

Ladies, do it!  Go get a facial today!  There are all kinds of different packages and price points, so cost won't be a big deal, you can even use a SeizetheDeal.com deal!  And, you need not be intimidated, because, if you have Shannon, you'll be in very good hands!  Plus, I already went over the most stressful scenarios here with you today, so you'll know what you're in for!  And, if time is your problem.  "They" are right.  You do need to make "me" time for yourself!  So make yourself the priority this weekend!  And let me know what you think!

Just remember... shave your legs, wear your pretty undies, and take your bra off under the robe.  Oh, and put your phone on silent, and if you wanna chat with Shannon, do it afterword!  Just enjoy!


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Amazing, right!  Ha!

A note for gentlemen reading this...

Buy your lover a gift certificate for a facial.  Trust.  Mother's Day, Easter, Anniversary, Birthday...etc.  Worth every penny!