It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is next week. I think that most of us have our menus all planned out. Plans have been made to either go to a family member’s house or you’re doing the dinner thing at your place. So I thought that I would make a list of five of my favorite side dishes. What are some of your favorite side dishes?


  • 1

    Mashed potatoes

    With gravy or butter, it doesn't matter. It's all good.

  • 2

    Candied Yams

    For me these have to be candied. For a something a little different, candied mashed potatoes. Similar to regular mashed potatoes, bud they are different

  • 3


    This used to be made and cooked in the turkey, but recently I heard there's a risk of bacteria, and can make you sick. So I'll be happy with the box kind, like Stove Top Stuffing.

  • 4


    It is one of my favorite all time vegetables.

  • 5

    Cranberry Sauce

    This is one of those side dishes that people either really like or do not like at all.

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