I said "dream" country concert. You'll see why as you continue to read.

The opening act for my dream country concert would be Jerrod Niemann, followed by The Band Perry and Sunny Sweeney.

After these acts a plane would fly over with a banner that said, "I Voted For McCain". Everyone would laugh, and then go get corn dogs at my world famous "Jake's Corn Dogs" vending booth.

Then the music would start again and Charlie Daniels would take the stage.

Then my mom would say, "Where's Kenny Rogers?" , I would say "next". Go Kenny go!  Kenny Chesney would jump on next, becuase you have to keep your 2 Kennys together.

There would then be a break in which another plane would sky write over the crowd of 75,000 people "Free Beer For The Next Hour..Sean's Buying!!"

Sean would cry and break out his Amex card.

Then the music would start again for the finale which would begin with Miranda Lambert, then Blake Shelton and Jamey Johnson followed by my dream concert headliner.

Who is it? Who gets the top slot?

The Rolls Royce of country music himself, the one and only "Possum" Mr. George Jones.

Ahh.. what a show! Then I would wake up and realize it was all a dream. Who knows, maybe someday it will happen. Stay tuned.