Sure, you like Brad Paisley. But have you ever dreamt of sleeping on his face?

If you're a REAL super fan, you're already doing it, you know... since you already own this Brad Paisley pillowcase. Or maybe you don't own one yet, but you want to make sure your name is near Brad's mouth, like you can make on this pillowcase.

Only a real Brad Paisley super fan would also have this Christmas ornament.

Here are a few more super fan items of the artists you can expect to see at this year's Taste of Country Fest at Hunter Mountain June 13-15, 2014. May be worth buying one to bring to the festival to have signed by your favorite star?

This Brad Paisley guitar pick keychain for sale on Etsy.

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This Dierks Bentley celebrity ID for sale on eBay.

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