If you have ever wondered what Apps can help save you time and money, Andrea recommended some for us this morning!

Andrea has been on an organization kick lately.  She put together a shelf with bins the other night to organize toys.  Last night she was buying canisters to organize the pantry!  So, it seems only logical that organizing her couponing would be next!

In case you missed her on air this morning, Andrea talked to us about 4 apps that can save us time and money! She added all the details at Andrea's Coupon Club and gave us a preview below.

My favorite is the Keyring App!  You can add all your store loyalty cards right to your phone!  Imagine not having to carry them around anymore?  And, you can link accounts, so if one family member has a card the other doesn't, you still have access to it!

iPhone 4s (Getty)

Couponers will love Snap by Groupon!  It's an app that offers weekly coupons you add to your account.  When you purchase the item, and you can purchase more than one item on some offers, you get that money added to your account!  How easy is that!

Two must have apps for the travelers out there are Gas Buddy and Last Minute Travel! With Gas Buddy, you can find the gas stations with the lowest gas prices!  Last minute travel helps you save money on, you got it, your last minute travel!!  Discounts have been said to up to $100 off regular price!!  WOW!

For details and links to all the apps, check out Andrea's Coupon Club!

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