I've noticed a lot of celebrities are getting arrested these days. The up side is that we all get to see the police booking photo. Sometimes, as in the case of say a Paris Hilton, you cant even tell it's a mugshot.

Then in others you cant even tell it is a celebrity, like in the case of Nicolas Cage.

This led me to wonder, if I found some celebrities and some murderers, could you tell the which is which? I see your confident so lets play.
Murderer or Celebrity?

Got your guess?  Well if you guessed the baby face on the left was murderer, Jordan Cunliffe you would be correct.  If you guessed that the scary looking guy on the right was former pop star Rick Springfield, well then your really good at this game. Lets try another pair. Murderer or Celebrity?

How did you do? That's right, the image on the left is that of Jennifer Mitkus, arrested in suspicion in the murder of a Canadian porn star.  The image on the left is none other than actress, Jaime( Oh, it's already been broughten.) Pressly.  Want to try another?  Ok lets go back a few years on this one. Murderer or Celebrity?

Yes! That is Larry King.  On the right that is. The    handsome man on the left is a serial killer named Donald Neilson, he was known as the "Blank Panther".  Well I hope you passed today's test my friends. Please share the game with your friends, see if they can do better than you.  I hope you had fun, and since you were so good at the game, I will give you one more BONUS mugshot. Are you ready?  Murderer or Celebrity?

Ha Ha, it was a trick question!  God Bless.