There are no major releases in the box office this weekend so instead of a preview here's "MTV's Top Movie Trailers of 2011"Here in order from five to one are the top five trailers on MTV's list.

#5) 'The Hunger Games' Based on the book by the same title this movie set in the future where tweens fight for survival.

#4) "The Girl With Dragon Tattoo" She looks creepy to me but I admit I am intrigued.

#3) "Snow White And The Huntsman" I am all about this movie and it was this trailer that sold me.

#2) "Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2" You can never say these movies are not visually amazing and this one is no exception.

#1) "The Dark Knight Rises" Like there was ever a doubt that this movie would have the best trailer. Every leaked bit of info floods the internet like a tidal wave.

See MTV's full list here