I always like to get the Reading, Writing and Rhyming progam out there toward the end of the school  year to see if we can capture (in song) the excitement of moving up to the next grade level.  Remember those days?   Well, these kids are ready!  They'll tell you about it in song.

photo by Richie Phillips

We got started right away. I asked the kids what song they wanted to parody, and one of them mentioned a tune by Katy Perry.  GULP. I skated around that one!  But we settled on Taylor Swift's "Our Song". It's a great choice, because it's very wordy to begin with, so you can fit alot of information.  Plus it's Ms. Bushey's favorite song (or so it seemed.  She was singing more than the kids!) Here is the result.  The song was written and recorded in just over an hour!

mp3 version (right click to download and save)

Point of information here.  The kids referred in the song to the term "owl pellets".  I was a little bit uncertain about this myself.  I had a mental image of what it could have been talking about, but one student set me straight.

All in all, it was a great visit.  I always end every  class by the way with a pop quiz.  So I did "Name That Tune" with the kids, and one girl passed the test  with flying colors

Thanks to Ms. Bushey once, her student teacher, and the Principal, Mr Dollard for having me in.  Special thanks to Hannaford Supermarkets for making this program FREE, like it should be!