A new survey asked Americans to vote for their favorite sports mascots and New York's Own Mr. Met was voted number one. So good new Mets fans you won something! Just kidding. You know I have love for all New York teams. lol

Here's the top ten list(actually 11 because there was a tie for tenth)

1) Mr Met, The New York Mets

2) Phillie Phanatic, The Philadelphia Philles

3) Benny the Bull, Chicago Bulls

4) San Diego Chicken, Mostly the San Diego Padres

5) Wally the Green Monster, Boston Red Sox

6) The Racing Sausages, Milwaukee Brewers

7) The Gorilla, Phoenix Suns

8 ) Billy the Marlin, Miami Marlins

9) The Coyote, San Antonio Spurs

10) A tie between The Racing residents, Washington Nationals and Rocky, the Denver Nuggets