After reading Jeff Levack's movie review, in his weekly feature 'The Trailer Park,' I decided to go watch the film Oz. Sadly, I chose the same showing as every popcorn chomping, talking, texting, foot scuffling, candy un-wrapping man, woman and screaming child.

Due to the constant distractions of some little kids tugging at their parents to get up or comment throughout the movie, I really couldn't get into the story. In addition to the constant un-wrapping of candy, conversations going on everywhere, and one child even yelling 'I Want To Go Home,' I thought it would be good to remind everyone of movie theater etiquette. After all, the movies are an expensive night out, and we all really want to 'escape' and get our money's worth.

Top 3 Theater Etiquette Reminders-

1. Do Not Talk During The Movie (that includes whispering comments to your neighbor throughout the film)

2. If Your Child Starts Screaming, Please Leave (bring your child in the lobby, and if they don't calm down and understand that they have to be quiet, please leave)

3. Don't Chomp Your Popcorn Or Unwrap Candy During Quiet Scenes (chomping and unwrapping is less distracting during loud, action packed parts of the film, so please wait til the right time to indulge)

These are the 3 biggest tips and suggestions that I can offer, but a few other reviewers and bloggers have a much more detailed list. Check out these movie theater tips from IFC and Advanced Etiquette.