there's a great new app that we found on vacation to measure your steps.  It's free for the iPhone and amazing.  It's called MOVES.
 You download it , run it in the background if you want and it counts your steps.  It's called MOVE   We were walking around ft Lauderdale to find a place to eat.  ( just came off a cruise so now you have to eat every hour until you start attending detox).  We walked a mile and a half and didn't know it-    By the time we got back to the hotel?  3 miles.that's great because now you won't feel bad looking for MORE food in another half hour.   They are planning to add features like calorie counting , reps etc.   Again, free.
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It happened to  Kim Kardashian and Hilary Cliton and Mel Gibson, Paris Hilton and Joe Biden too.  A website hacked all of them and posted their private financial data.  TMZ exposed this but won't name the site that invaded their "space".  Credit card info, social security numbers, mortgage info and everything else was exposed .  I know you might be thinking "that's cuz they're famous", right?   "They won't do it to little old me", I hear you say.  Well, you better watch it, folks.  It can happen to anyone

Question of the week from Amber in Delmar?  How do I block websites from my computer

Our friends at Computer Renaissance say to go into your control panel, internet options folder, security tab at the top. Then click one time in the "trusted zones" to highlight it. You'll then see the "sites" button. Go there and you'll that you can either "allow" or "block" any sites. Click the "add" button and type in the sites that you want blocked and then hit "block" and it will block that site. If you are looking to child proof your computer, there are also programs to monitor and block sites you choose and certain sites in general.

OR… you can block sites at the router level. Most wired or wireless routers on the market today have a section where you can block sites by the ip address of the computer or mac address of the computers network card. The mac address is like your social security #. Every network card has an identification number that is unique to that particular card (mac address). This way you can identify your kids computers & filter them. You also can block by keywords too. So you could enter any name that relates to sex, porn, violence, guns, etc

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