We asked you to nominated why YOUR dad was the most deserving dad to win golfing at Pioneer Hills and dinner at Duffer’s Pub for him and three of his best buddies.

The official prize includes a round of golf for four (including three carts) and dinner for four at the pub. The three runner-ups will receive a $50 gift card to be used at Pioneer Hills or Duffer’s Pub in the 2014 seasons.

Here are the final four nominees. Voting is now OPEN below! 

Dad: Cary Soloyna
Why is Your Dad Most Deserving: “He always makes time for us girls I have 2 other sisters one is 17 and one is 9 and he works a lot but he takes us on these father daughter date nights once a month he plays around and takes my little sister on walks he tries his very best to make us happy and raise us right.”

Dad: Steve Strobek
Why is Your Dad Most Deserving: “Our father will do anything for anyone..He calls us every day to say hello and see how our day is going and he’s the first one there when you’re in trouble. He would give you the shirt off his back or his last 5.00 in his pocket. He takes really good care of his family and friends and has always been a good provider. We love him soooo much!!”

Dad: Douglas McCauley
Why is Your Dad Most Deserving: “My father by marriage but my dad through love! He is the most deserving dad because no matter what, he puts us kids first (all 6 of us) and would go to the ends of the earth for us. He has more love in one finger than most men have in their whole body and it shows. There are few people who meet him that don't love him. He is a former state trooper and a long time minister in his congregation. Not just his kids come first but anybody that needs help whether they ask or not. He has taught us the true definition of unconditional love!!”

Dad: Thomas Mann
Why is Your Dad Most Deserving: “he is a hacker and still loves golf. nuff said.”