My wife Stacy and I are expecting our 2nd baby next month, a boy! Which means right now we are discussing potential new names for our new addition. We may want to stay away from some of 2015's more awkward names.Plus, we would not want to end up on Nameberry's list of real words that actually became baby names. 2015 brought some interesting ones:

  • Halo (Not bad, but awkward.)
  • Awesome (Yes, awkward. But it's ok to always be Awesome.)
  • Kindle (Who names their kid after a tablet?)
  • Harsh (Really?)

Our 2 year old daughter Scarlett wants to name him Pineapple Baby. As cute as that sounds, it's a little awkward. But, maybe Pineapple Baby isn't so bad compared to Nameberry's list of Awkward Names from 2015.