A friend of mine shared this video on Facebook and I was compelled to click 'play.' I've watched Jimmy Kimmels "Mean Tweets" videos over and over before so I thought, maybe this would be a bit of the same but, what followed brought tears to my eyes.

Imagine you're a woman and you're doing your job. You're successful, you're talented and it turns out you're a target. When it comes to the women within the video below, that is the case. That can be said for myself, which I've seen a handful of times online. It can be said for Bethany, which I've heard a couple of phone calls within the studio in the morning. It can be said for women everywhere.

We live within a time where more and more people believe that every thought they have should be said or typed or printed, most of the time it's without fully thinking about what they're saying. But, I challenge you to first, watch the video. I guarantee you'll feel something you weren't expecting relatively quickly. Secondly, share it with everyone you can because we can change this behavior, it's a matter of recognizing the problem to correct it. Lastly, think. Think before you open your mouth to speak. Think before you type the words you type. Think about what is about to be formed into a sentence and ask yourself, "Would I be okay with someone saying that to me, about me, about someone I care about or otherwise?" If you even second guess yourself, don't say it.

I write this for women, but this affects men, too. Respect each other. Be kind to one another. Be above the trend. #MoreThanMean