The Capital Region is slowly interesting people to make the move. According to an article in the Times Union, more people are moving to the area than other regions throughout New York State. 

Since the 2010 Census, the Albany-Schenectady-Troy population has notably increased by 11,117. Also the population grew to 881,830 total residents throughout this past year alone. Other areas in Upstate New York's population decreased. A lot of the growth is cited to new people arriving for the booming technology industry that is throughout the Capital Region, as well as other jobs in the health care and manufacturing industries.

Albany County's population increased, while Schenectady County's declined. The reason for that, according to the Census Bureau, was people actually moving out of the county. In general, more people moved to the Capital Region then left it.

Much of the growth is also due to more births, and since baby boomers are getting older, new residents see that as increasing job opportunities.

So it seems that the Capital region is growing more and more everyday.