If you're going to be traveling in the Adirondack Mountains here's something to take note of.

You may need to extra precautions and watch out for moose. It's similar to watching out for deer. According to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, You need to be careful around dawn or dusk. They have mostly been in areas in Canada and Vermont, and now the population in New York State has been increasing.

The thing about hitting a moose with your car, because they are taller than deer. Moose can possibly do more damage than of you hit a deer, although I've seen what can happen when a car hits a deer. They can cause a lot of damage, too. Sometimes even death to the people in the car. Last year, there were three auto accidents involving moose, but luckily no one was killed. I would guess that the moose that got hit probably had minimal injuries.

Signs are being posted on roads in the Adirondacks to warn motorists that there may be moose in the area. Something as a general rule, keep an eye out for any animals when you're driving, especially in wooded areas. I think it's cool that we are starting to see a different wild animal in our state.

Hitting a deer with your car can be a scary thing. I can't imagine what it's like hitting a moose. Have you ever been in a car that hit a deer, or a moose if there are any in your area?