What do you do with old NASCAR race cars?  If they are still in good shape you could sell them or maybe use them as show cars.  But if they are wrecked?  I mean really wrecked.  Destroyed.  A deposit in a junkyard is probably a good bet.  But what if there is some significant racing history associated with it.  Think Juan Pablo Montoya's No. 42 Target Chevrolet that was involved in the fiery on-track collision with a jet dryer during the Daytona 500 this year.  What would you do with that car?

Dale Earnhardt, Jr. knows what he would do with it.  He would add it to his collection.  Earnhardt, Jr. has a collection of crashed race cars.  It's a hobby of his.  He keeps them on his land in North Carolina.

According to a report in USA Today, Earnhardt, Jr. did just that.  He has about 50 or 60 cars in his "collection" out in the woods on his property. When he had the opportunity to add Montoya's mangled car that caused a two-hour delay in NASCAR's biggest race, he jumped on the chance.

So the wrecked race car that famously created a huge fireball in the Daytona 500 gets deposited in NASCAR's most popular driver's junkyard.

Now Junior justs needs the jet dryer to go with it.