The NASCAR Pennsylvania 400 at Pocono is set to go off on time!  (As of right now)

With the weather cooperating for now, it’s looking like the rain delayed Pennsylvania 400 will start at 11 am today.

I don’t know about you, but I like Monday races.  Don’t tell the bosses, but it gives me a little break from the Monday morning routine.  Makes Monday’s just a little bit more bearable.  With that said, it’s just about an hour from race time.  There are still storms in the area, so  get up front quick Jimmie, just in case they call it halfway through!

Todd Warshaw/Getty Images

Let’ go racing….

Here is a schedule released by NASCAR for this morning’s race:


-- 11 a.m. ET: NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Pennsylvania 400 (160 laps, 400 miles), NBCSN (Follow live)


—10:50:00 a.m.: Intro Presentation of Colors: 55th Armored Brigade Combat Team Color Guard PA National Guard

—10:50:20 a.m.: Invocation by: Monty Self, MRO

—10:51:00 a.m.: National Anthem by: Meghan Wotring (Signed by Amanda Pascoe representing the Western PA School for the Deaf & the Scranton School for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing)

—10:57:30 a.m. "Drivers, Start Your Engines" by: Major General Roger Teague, Director, Space Programs, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Acquisition

—11:07:00 a.m.: Green Flag – Pennsylvania 400 (160 laps, 400 miles)