Here are the questions and answers for this morning’s edition of the Super 7!

To play next week, just give us a call in the 7 o’clock hour on Monday morning!  This morning our winner scored a Swon Brothers CD and tickets to the new Brad Pitt film, The Fury!

1. Today is a holiday - what holiday is it?

a - Columbus Day

2. According to the rhyme, in what year did Columbus sail the ocean blue?

a - 1492

3. The most lopsided game in college football history was in 1916 . . . Georgia Tech won 222-to-zero over a school from Tennessee called Cumberland College- what is the capital of Tennessee? 

a - Nashville

4. Kelly Preston is 52 today - which famous hollywood leading man is she married to?

a - John Travolta

5. Nicole Kidman revealed in an interview that she'd like to have another baby, but at 47, she doesn't expect it to happen.  Who is Nicole married to?

a - Keith Urban

6. Billboard magazine just announced it's woman of the year - for the first time ever it's an artist who has already won once before, back in 2011 - who is this year's winner?

a - Taylor Swift

7. 42 years ago. . . In 1972, the plane carrying URUGUAY'S RUGBY TEAM crashed in the Andes. the 16 survivors resorted to CANNIBALISM - what 1993 film was based on their story?

a - Alive

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