Here are the questions and answers for this morning’s edition of the Super 7!

To play next week, just give us a call in the 7 o’clock hour on Monday morning!  This morning a digital download for Garth Brooks new album Man Against Machine was on the line!

1. On this day 11 years ago . . . In 2003, ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER was inaugurated as GOVERNOR.  what state was he governor of?
a - California

2. John Boehner is 65 today - what is his current title?
a - Speaker of the House

3. Otis Redding wrote the song "Respect" in 1965 and released it as a version where a man needed more respect, and respect was really a euphemism... which famous diva made it a woman power hit song 2 years later?
a - Aretha Franklin

4. One single Google search takes more computing power than the entire first moon landing mission.  What year did it happen?
a- 1969

5. What is the plural form of barista - as in, "yesterday at starbucks there were several _______ working?"

a - baristi (pronounced buh-ree-stee)

6. Only one British singer or group has had their debut album hit number one in the U.S., who was it?
a - Spice Girls "Spice"

7.  Which Delta Dawn and Two Sparrows in a Hurricane Singer Said?  "I'm 56, and you're still hearing from my ass." In reference to her 1974 "Rolling Stone" cover that had the headline,  "I'm 15, You're Gonna Hear From Me."
a - Tanya Tucker
John Boehner, Getty Images