1.  We are broadcasting live at Russell Sage College in Troy today, how many l's are there in Russell?

a - 2

2.  This college was founded by a suffragette, what is a suffragette?

a - member of women's organization (right to vote) movement in the late 19th and early 20th century

3.  18.8% of the houses in South Carolina are mobile homes . . . that's the highest rate in the country. what's the capital of SC?

a - Columbia

4.  He sings Diggin Up Bones, Three Wooden Crosses and Forever and Ever Amen and he turns 56 today, what is his name?

a - Randy Travis

5.  BILL COSBY gained himself two more accusers this weekend. Who played Bill's wife on The Cosby Show?

a - Felicia Rashad

6.  Will Arnett is 45 today.  GOB from "Arrested Development"! Which funny lady was he married to?

a - Amy Poehler

7.  Today is May 4th, a.k.a Star Wars Day - Spell Ewok.

a - Ewok