1. Justin Bieber has almost 2 times more followers than the country of Canada.  What country is Justin from?
a - Canada

2. Celine Dion turns 47 today - Where will her heart go?

a - on

3. Kangaroos don't burp or break wind.  The way their bodies break down food, nothing is converted to methane . . . so they don't need to release gas.  Spell Kangaroo.
a- Kangaroo
4. MC HAMMER is 53 today - what article of clothing did he make popular in the '90s?
a - pants
5. Duane Johnson is trending this morning because he did such a great job hosting SNL this weekend.  What other name does Duane go by?
a - The Rock
6. 51 years ago . . . In 1964, a game show debuted on TV hosted by a guy named Art Fleming and ran until 1975.  The same show was resurrected in its current form in 1984, with Alex Trebek - what game show is it?
a - Jeopardy
7. On this day in 1965 - The soundtrack to "The Sound of Music" was certified Gold.  Which country star played Maria in the live version last year on NBC?
a - Carrie Underwood
Kevin Winter, Getty Images