1. What month is it?

a - March

2. The writer behind "green eggs and ham," "the cat and the hat" and "horton hears a who" would be celebrating a birthday today if he was still with us.... what is his name?
a - Dr. Seuss a.k.a -Real name:  Theodor Seuss Geisel.
3. On this day 26 years ago . . . In 1989, the Exxon Houston ran aground and spilled 117,000 gallons of oil in Hawaii. - Spell Hawaii.
a- Hawaii

4. Leonard Nimoy died last week - on what show did he star with William Shatner?
a - Star Trek
5. DAVE COULIER says that when he was single, he got a lot of action thanks to his buddy and co-star JOHNS STAMOS - he would scoop up John's extras - what show did the two star on?
a - Full House

6. The winner of today's Super 7 will win 2 tickets to the Craft New York Brewers Festival - The average American consumes 23 galloons of what beverage each year?
a- Beer

7.  ROSIE O'DONNELL officially filed for divorce from her wife MICHELLE ROUNDS on Friday, just weeks after leaving what day time show for the second time?
a - The View
Frazer Harrison, Getty Images