1. Tomorrow is an Irish holiday, what holiday is it?
a - St. Patrick's Day?
2. What color is associated with St. Patrick's Day?
a - green
3. What is the capital of Ireland?
a - Dublin
4. The poop emoji and the vanilla ice cream cone emoji are identical shapes.  The only differences are that the poop is brown, it has eyes and a mouth, and it doesn't have a cone on the bottom. Spell emoji...
a -emoji

5. King Henry the Sixth outlawed THIS in 1439 to stop the spread of disease.  But people refused to stop DOING IT so it didn't last long, WHAT IS IT?

6. Doctors in South Africa just announced they've completed the first successful PENILE TRANSPLANT. On what continent will you find South Africa?
a- Africa
7. Tom Swift is a fictional character from a line of kids' science fiction books who was a technological genius. "Thomas A. Swift's Electric Rifle." forms the acronym for what weapon?
a- taser
Brian Kersey/Getty Images