After 26 years of making our plane rides slightly more enjoyable, "SkyMall" is on its deathbed. The company filed for bankruptcy on Thursday - where is the most common place to find a sky mall magazine??
a - An airplane

MISS COLUMBIA won the Miss Universe pageant last night - what continent is columbia on? 

a - South America

Lori Loughlin intagrammed a picture of her with bob saget, candace cameron bure, and other full house co-stars over the weekend - what was Lori's character's name on full house?
a - Rebecca Donaldson

Debbie Reynolds won the lifetime achievement award at the SAG awards last night - who is her famous daughter?
a - Carrie Fisher

Super Bowl 49 will feature which 2 NFL teams?
a - Patriots and Seahawks

Ellen Degeneres came out in 1997 on the cover of what magazine?
a - Time "Yep, I'm Gay"

There was a 54% jump in ukulele sales in 2013 . . . and the National Association of Music Merchants thinks it's because people want to play them in quirky YouTube videos. spell ukulele -
a - ukulele
Jim Rogash/Getty Images