1. The Pentagon spent more than $500,000 on Viagra last year, categorized as "troop support."  What color are viagra pills?
a - blue

2. On the Grammy Red carpet last night, which "Drunk on a Plane" country cutie said he has 14 nominations and no wins?
a- Dierks Bentley

3. Who was Tony Bennett's date to the Grammy's last night?

a - Lady Gaga

4. Oh, you only love me for my big sun glasses
And my Tony Lomas
I live in Oklahoma

are lyrics to what Grammy award winner's song?
a - Little Red Wagon - Miranda Lambert

5. There's a company selling tiny, affordable tracking chips that hotels can put in their towels and robes . . . and more than 2,000 hotels have already started using them.  Which famous motel chain has Tom Bodett say, "We'll leave the light on for you."?
a - Motel 6

6. More people in Anchorage, Alaska take a plane to work than a bus. What country did Sarah Palin famously never say she could see from her house?
a - Russia

7. The little plastic thing that goes in the middle of the pizza to keep the box from touching the cheese turns 30 years old tomorrow. What pizza chain does Blake Shelton endorse?
a - Pizza Hut
photo: getty imagaes