Here are the questions and answers from this week's Super 7!  We play every Monday during the 7 o'clock hour!  Want in?  Just give us a call at 7 next Monday!  Good luck!

1. Finish this famous Christmas phrase - Ho, Ho....?

a - Ho

2. Santa has 31 hours to deliver because of time zones and the rotation of the Earth.  How many days does a regular day have?
a - 24
3. Flo Rida turns 35 this week - what state is he from?
a - Florida
4. Yahoo revealed their 2014 list of top ten search terms.  Number one was "Ebola,"  Spell Ebola.
a - Ebola
5. A major media company got hacked recently and lots of secrets were leaked - what company was it?
A - Sony
6. New pictures of Prince George were released over the weekend - who are his famous parents?
a - William and Kate
7. Sean lost something very important over the weekend while at a bar - what did he lose?
a - his wedding band