1. 23 years ago. . . In 1992, "BARNEY AND FRIENDS" DEBUTED ON PBS.  What color is Barney?
a - purple
2. Over the weekend, Sacramento Tried to Set the Record For the World's Biggest Easter Egg Hunt . . . But It Fell Into Chaos in what state is Sacramento?
a- California

3. Candace Cameron is 39 TODAY she was  D.J. "Deej" Tanner on "Full House"  - what did DJ stand for on the show?

a - Donna Jo

4. NFL will have its first permanent female official this coming season.  Her name is Sarah Thomas, and she's a 41-year-old mother of three.  What does NFL stand for?
a - National Football League
5. A new survey found 81% of people fake someone else's signature at least three times a year.  What is the impartial witness appointed by the state to officiate the signing of important documents called.
a- notary public
6. 147 years ago. . . In 1868, Mormon Church leader BRIGHAM YOUNG married his 27th and final wife.  He was 69.  He had 47 children. What state was he the governor of?
a - Utah
7. John Oliver, host of "Last Week Tonight" interviewed Edward Snowden on his show last night - in what country was the interview conducted?
a - Russia
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