Maybe this makes me a bad person but I am getting such a kick out of watching this video over and over. The video is of a Mom reading a scary story to her son and just at the right moment scaring the heck out him. IT is hysterical! Is it a little mean? Maybe but it also makes me want to get my camera out and scare my 5 year old too, I just love their raw reactions.

Maybe that isn't a bad idea, maybe I can see how many people actually read my blogs and put the challenge out there for you to scare your kids and share them to the wgna Facebook page. GO ahead it'll be fun.

IN the meantime, take a look at this video and check out this kids primal reaction to his Mom reading to him. Remember though, it really does get better the more you watch it , by about the 6th time you will be cracking up and pausing the video to freeze his facial expressions.