I caught this on my day off watching Good Morning America.  A mother starts dancing in the streets when her kids hop on the bus for their first day of school.  And of course, she gets national TV time out of it. 

This I am including in my tech talk segment, because it shows once again how you can take a video of a mother dancing in the street (and it's admittedly cute, don't get me wrong), put it on YouTube, get seen by ABC's Good Morning America, and end up being interviewed for it. Her total outlay of money - ZERO!

ABC's cost - ZERO.  It's a win win

Here's the clip, courtesy of YouTube and Good Morning America.

Are you surprised that she ended up on national tv for this?  It definitely was good timing, being a back to school bit, but it just amazes me how social media can give anyone 15 minutes of time at any time.

What do YOU think?  Would love to know.  (I bet she's still "happy dancing!)