With all the success of The Expendables movies it was only a matter of time before we got spin offs. I love this idea and I hope they do this one right, it's a all female version starring super cute Mixed Martial Arts star Gina Carano.

As of right now there isn't even a title for the movie and Gina is the only member of the cast that has been announced but they did say "top line female action stars". So I was wondering what actresses would you want to see in this movie.

Here's my list:

Sigourney Weaver - "Ellen Ripley" from the Alien franchise

Carrie Fisher - Princess Leia

Linda Hamilton - Sarah Conner from "The Terminator"

Uma Thurman - Beatrix Kiddo "Kill Bill"

Pam Grier - "Foxy Brown"

Kate Beckinsale - Seline in "Underworld"

Milla Jovovich - Resident Evil and The 5th Element

And maybe Sarah Michelle Gellar aka Buffy the Vampire Slayer