Mixed Martial Arts will not be allowed in New York State. The bill to legalize it has been brought up a few times in the New York State Assembly, and every time, has been denied.

I read about this in the Times Union. The Assembly has decided to not advance a bill to legalize the sport. The Senate did pass measures to legalize it, three different times, including last month.

Ron Canestrari, who is the Assembly Majority Leader, said the “he was glad” that it didn’t pass. He thinks it’s barbaric, and would endorse something that’s blatantly violent, and not help the campaign to stop bullying in schools.

Assemblyman Keith Wright Is in favor of legalizing Mixed Martial Arts in New York, stating that it would “be a wonderful way to fill our hotel rooms,” and help bring much needed money into New York State.

If you don't know what MMA is, it's where the fighters get into an octagnol cage, and kick, punch and wrestle. This video from You Tube is a little sample of the UFC and MMA. Some parts may be a little rough for some people to watch.

The sport is legal in 46 states. It is not in Connecticut and New York.So if you’re a fan of the U.F.C., you won’t be seeing any Mixed Martial Arts bouts live in New York State, although you will be able to watch it on tv. Are you a fan of Mixed Martial Arts? Do you think it should be made legal?