There big time movies in this weeks Trailer Park! Tom Cruise, Daniel Craig and the new "Man of Steel" himself Henry Cavill all have movies coming out.

First stop in the Trailer Park is to check out Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt again in "Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol".



Look for the fourth installment in the M.I. series on December 16th.

As we all know the gods can be cruel! This is pretty clear in the trailer for "Immortals". If you liked "300" this one is for you! Which makes sense because it's the same producers. This is also a chance for a lot of us to check out Henry Cavill for the first time. That is if you never watched "The Tudors". Henry has been tapped to be the new big screen "Superman".



November 11th is when you can see if it lives up to "300".

Final stop in this weeks trip to the park is "Cowboys and Aliens". This has all the ingredients of a blockbuster! Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford star, John Favreau director of "Iron Man" is the director and Steven Spielberg is the executive producer. Check it out.



My daughter asked if we could be first in line on July 29th when this one comes out. She's so cool! lol