The Egyptian cobra that had every New Yorker stir crazy now has a name.  The snake went missing last week and while it caused a big controversy for the Bronx Zoo, some humor helped lighten the bad publicity the zoo was getting for losing the snake.

For those who don't know much about the Egyptian cobra, it is a venomous snake.  So in other words, you wouldn't have wanted to be in NYC and get cornered by the missing snake.  Back in the day, it is believed that Cleopatra committed suicide by purposely getting sprayed with the venom of an Egyptian cobra.  While their venom is so powerful, it can kill a person in a matter of a few hours, the venom can also kill a full-size elephant in 15-minutes.  Yikes, I know!

Needless to say, the missing snake was found in a dark corner of the reptile house.  So she never made it out of the zoo and onto the streets of New York, but a few tweeters thought it would be humorous to create a Twitter account pretending to be the snake.  It was quite funny to follow the cobra on Twitter, if I do say so myself.  Here's an article, in case you don't have Twitter, to see what was being tweeted.  Twitter Article


To continue to humor of the missing then found snake situation, the Bronx Zoo decided to name the snake by having submissions sent to the New York Daily News.  Over 33,000 nominations were sent and some of the finalists included Cleopatra (for obvious reasons), Agnes (Greek for pure or holy), Amaunet (means "the female hidden one & was an Egyptian goddess), and Subira (Egyptian for "patient").  So what was the winning name?  Mia for "missing in action."  Fitting for sure!