Lately political correctness has gotten out of control.  More often then not the person telling you the story didn't hear it from the horses mouth. I agree that as people we need to think before we speak but I also think  we need to not take ourselves so seriously.

Blake Shelton no doubt pushed the envelope on the ACM's but that's who he is and we all knew that. The thing that bugs me is Perez Hilton clearly didn't see the joke in question and still took a shot at Blake. Thankfully it backfired on him. While I am writing this there are 87 comments on Perez's blog ALL telling Perez to grow a sense of humor. Perez quoted Blake with the entire joke. Truth is Reba said half of it and it was funny and not told to insult gay men but told to make light of a break up. Check out the blog and comments here

Now if you saw the joke in question Reba said "Don't make jokes about Taylor Swift. If you make her mad, she'll write a song about you. She writes songs about guys who break up with her. Which I don't understand in the first place. She's beautiful, she's talented, she's sweet. What in the world was Jake Gyllenhaal thinking anyway?" Then Blake said "Wait a minute, he was in Brokeback Mountain."

I realize Perez has the statement correct but not knowing who said what tells me he didn't even see it. So he couldn't see that it was glib and not mean spirited at all. Long story short I like to read and I know for a fact he mocks people far worse then that. So it upsets me that he would take a joke in my opinion he didn't even see and try to paint Blake as anti-gay. I'm really glad his readers saw it for what it was...A JOKE!!!