If you have never heard me say it before , I will say it again, I always have, and will always love The Dixie Chicks. I feel like they got a very unfair shake in the world of sound bites and public opinion. Controversy aside, as I know everyone has their own opinions (and have a right to express them) the MUSIC of the Dixie Chicks was just on a level that no one else seem to be able to go.

It would seem Miranda Lambert, Raelynn and Gwen Sebastian agree with me. Miranda has been bringing "friends" out on stage lately at her concerts to do "Cowboy Take Me Away" with her and I think this one is my favorite.

If you want to search for them she has done the song with other great singers like Carolyn Dawn Johnson, Danielle Bradbery and Sunny Sweeney but this version is my favorite. While the camera angle isn't the best, the sound quality is good and the girls all really nail it. It really does make you miss the Chicks!

Note: There is a bonus after the song, Miranda does "Gimme All Your Lovin'" if you want to watch the whole video.