Now it's your turn, Milton, NY to be added to the prestigious list of towns who can say that they have their own theme song.  How's that for shameless self promotion? 

The Town of Milton is located in Saratoga County.  Ballston Spa, which is technically the county seat is incorporated into this town.  I've already covered Ballston Spa in a former Your Town Thursday segment, so there might be a little overlap in terms of information here.

I now proudly present your theme song, Miltonites.   That's not a word.  I just invented it.  Further explanation and lyrics are below, by the way.



This is a parody of the Grateful Dead's "Truckin'". Why"  Milton has the same amount of syllables as Truckin', that's why!     Did I omit something important in the song?  Let me know below!



It’s Milton, and I’m gonna ‘splain to you

Founded in 1792

it’s got its share of things to do

But most importantly, let’s talk fast food


Take a ride with me and if not I will meet ya

I know a spot or two where they will sure feed ya

there’s more than one little place to get you a pizza

Wheats and sweets bakery they’re there as well (and it rhymes)


Milton oh yes of thee I sing

It rhymes with Wilton but that doesn’t mean a thing

Cuz Wilton doesn’t have Kessering

and they can also brag cuz it’s the home of the paper bag

(George West, you were the best!)


Around these parts you could spend a week

Fishing on the The Kayaderosseras Creek

The name of that creek’s really hard to speak

What a long long word that is


Milton ….. let the fun begin

It’s got no Hilton, but it’s got the Medbery inn

Buttermill Falls let the relaxin begin

We salute your town today on ‘GNA