I know this isn't going to be a popular stance but you need to hear me out on why firing Coach Mike Rice today was wrong.

Mike Rice was suspended for three games without pay, fined $50,000 and has to take sensistivity training. Now after seeing the video my immediate reaction is this man does not deserve to coach/teach college kids. When I heard his hateful narrow minded words I instantly said I would fire that guy. Now here's the problem, Rutgers Athletic Director Tim Pernetti had ALL of this information when he made his decision to punish but not fire coach Rice. The only new factor is public opinion.

I will say again if I were the AD of Rutgers and someone showed me a video of MY student/athletes being physically and verbally abused I would fire that man on the spot but I'm not the AD. So now that a course of action has been plotted I think it should of been given time to play out. Maybe Pernetti saw something in Mike Rice we didn't maybe he knew the man well enough to say this punishment will make him a better person and help him to become the kind of man student/athletes need to be tought by. We'll never know now because Mike Rice was punished TWICE for the same crime. "Double Jeopardy" if you will. Watch the video for yourself decide how you would of handled it then decide if the man who already served his punishment should have been punished AGAIN without ever making a second violation.