recently did a poll to find out who the "Most hated athletes were. Even though it has been years since Michael Vick and Tiger Woods got in trouble they still top the list.

#1.)  Michael Vick,  60%. There was the option to rank how much you disliked the person so even though Vick and Woods are both at 60%, more people REALLY disliked Vick so he get's the top spot.


#2.)  Tiger Woods,  60%

#3.)  Plaxico Burress,  56% This one kind of shocks me. The guy shot HIMSELF, why so much hate? lol


#4.)  Ndamukong Suh,  51% Lions player that is known as the dirtiest player in the NFL.


#5.)  Kris Humphries,  50% Kim Kardasian's ex


#6.)  LeBron James,  48%


#7.)  Kobe Bryant,  45%


#8.)  Terrell Owens,  45%


#9.)  Alex Rodriguez,  44%


#10.)  NASCAR driver Kurt Busch,  42%