First day back in the studio since last Thursday, which of course also means it has been that long since we did a morning monologue. It was kind of nice to get back in to the regular swing of things after some time away from the building. This is what we covered in today's show opener.


Amy Winehouse, performs unplanned "disappearances" during her concert in Serbia. Maybe going to rehab?

Ron Paul says he knows how young people feel about the Wars this country is currently involved in.

More coal minors trapped. This time in Kentucky.

A homeless man was tracked down by a private investigator to learn that he had inherited a "large" sum of money.

Lance Bass is looking for America's next great boy band. Finally!

And controversy continues in the Megan Fox not being in Transformer movies anymore.

All this and more in today's early morning monologue. Give it a listen right here: