We've all wondered who took home the $319 million won in the Mega Millions since it was announced last week.  Today, the New York State Lottery held a press conference in Schenectady and we now know the names of our lucky local millionaires!

The seven state works joined together to play and bought the ticket at Coulson's newsstand on Broadway in Albany, New York.  The winners, who work in the information technology unit headquartered in the Hampton Plaza, had co-worker Mike Barth buy the winning quick pick ticket.  Mike and friends had the nation's only winning ticket: 22, 24, 31, 52, 54 and Mega Ball 4.  Together, they split $319 million!   The other lucky winners are John Hilton, 57 from North Greenbush; John Kutey, 54 of Green Island; Tracy Sussman, 41 of Colonie; Kristin Baldwin, 42 of Clifton Park; Gabrielle Mahar, 29 of Colonie; and Leon Peck, 62 of Johnstown.

In case you're wondering, each will receive $19.1 million after taxes.  According to the Times Union, the odds against winning the Mega Millions is 1 in 176 million!

Do you think they will keep their state jobs?