I had the privilege of introducing the very talented Cassidy Pope recently at Upstate Concert Hall in Clifton Park. I also had a chance to join the "meet and greet" and get a picture. But an equal thrill was meeting and greeting two of the most devoted fans I've ever met. How devoted are they? Check this out! 

I had my iPhone in hand, so I used the voice recorder app to do a quick and dirty interview to capture what they told me just moments before. You'll never believe how many Cassidy  shows these two girls from Massachusetts have attended lately!

How unreal is that! Four shows in a row! They probably have the whole act memorized!

Is there anyone else out there who has followed a performer or a band multiple times?  I know Sean has seen "Bruce" many times. I have seen Elton and Billy Joel about four times each, but that's over an entire lifetime.  How about YOU?  Would love to know.

BTW--Thanks to our photo and video guru Nick Lee for the shots and for putting the slideshow together. He's been to dozens of concerts himself, but he has to—he works here!