I came back to the radio station last night to get some work done and ran into our promotions manager Nick in the garage.

The door to the garage was open and as we were talking, this little gosling walked in. We got it out of the garage but then we realized he was all alone! No mom and dad and no brothers and sisters. He (we decided it was a he) was all by himself.

We decided we couldn't leave him, so in about 15 minutes we were able to catch him. I contacted our friend Nancy with the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society (who brings furry friends for Fursday) to see if there was anyone she knew of who would take Travis (yes, we named him) and I also asked our friends on FB.

Gosling (Heather Davis)

Nancy got back to me with the name of a local rescue organization for wildlife called North Country Wild Care, which is a "network of home-based wildlife rehabilitators located in Schenectady, Warren, Washington, Saratoga, Albany, Rensselaer, Montgomery, Fulton and Essex Counties."

I called their hotline number and talked to a nice lady named Kate who instructed me to dry Travis off and put him in a box with a t-shirt or blanket to keep him warm. She then put me in contact with a lady named Belinda who is in Fort Edward and said she was willing to take my new furry friend. I drove Travis out to her last night and she told me he is probably only a couple of days old and that, unfortunately, it's the time of year where these little guys are hatching and things can happen to the parents, which leaves them all alone. Thankfully, she already had a couple of other goslings she could add Travis to so he will have some new friends.

After I told my friends about my run-in with an adorable gosling, my friend sent me this. I guess I should have named him Ryan, lol!

Meme (FB/Dede Wakerfield)
Gosling (Heather Davis)