After I wrote a story about Brutus, my fun little mutt and mentioned "Milo" my 3 legged Akita in that story he has apparently developed a cult following of listeners that want to see him. LOL!

Milo is a 3 legged Akita. He's been around with the family for about 8 years now, and was the only dog. Now though he has had to learn to deal with Brutus the fun "crazy: dog in the family. As you will see in the pictures though he has been a good sport. Milo is the nicest and gentlest dog a owner could ask for and gets around great despite only having 3 legs.

When he was 8 months old a car hit him in my front yard, and sped off leaving him there. He broke his front right leg so badly that they had to amputate it. Don't feel sorry for him, he has his pride. Be nice to your pets!