I got a phone call and a couple of emails from my buddy AJ.  He wanted me to run for LLS "Woman of the Year" and I wasn't so sure about it, so I ignored his call for a couple of days. After all, I was busy with my job and my kids and husband, and just life in general, right?

Did I really want to commit to a huge fundraising initiative like that? Did I even have it in me? Where would I find the time or energy?

But then I called him back. He said "Just come and meet the boy and girl of the year and hear their stories, and then you can decide."

So, I went to an event for LLS (The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society) and I met this adorable, handsome ball of energy, Lucas, and this beautiful, poised young lady, Kendra.

I listened as Carolyn, Lucas's mom described the most horrible days of her life, finding out Lucas had cancer.  I watched as Lucas and his big sister got along just like brothers and sisters do, and I met the family.  They are so cool and fun and normal... just like you, just like me... except for one thing.  Their lives have been shaken up by cancer. Tears filled my eyes because I have a beautiful daughter and son just like that at home... what if it were me.

Then I listened to Kendra speak, and I sobbed. Kendra is a teenager! A senior in high school! She's supposed to be planning her future and dreaming big. She's supposed to be learning to drive and texting boys and having sleepovers. She's not supposed to be fighting cancer. She's not supposed to be getting chemo and feeling sick all the time. She spoke so calmly and clearly and she told her story with grace and even a little humor.

They got me. AJ was right. I had to meet these courageous families and see these beautiful, strong kids fighting. It wasn't about me anymore. It wasn't about whether or not I had enough time or energy to raise money... it was about them. They needed me, and they need you!

Once I looked into the eyes of two amazing children who have such an ugly disease, it was an easy decision to run for "Woman of the Year."

I'm hoping now that you've read about Lucas and Kendra, it'll be easy for you to donate whatever money you can toward this cause. The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society is on a mission to cure blood cancers and to support the patients and families who are affected by the disease, just like Lucas and Kendra.

Click here to help them find a cure. Click here to support these families and the thousands around the country who are also fighting.

Kendra Sisco - Girl of the Year

Kendra is 16 years old from Waterford. She was diagnosed with Large B-Cell Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma at age 15 and is currently in remission. Kendra enjoys swimming, boating, jet skiing and helping others.

Lucas Santoro - Boy of the Year

Lucas is 3 years old from Cohoes. He was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at age 2 and is currently in remission. Lucas loves to play outside, ride his quad and go fishing.