I host several GNA Country Dance parties all year and I always hear people say that they can't dance because they have two left feet.  Well, that's no longer an excuse thanks to Crackers the line dancing horse.

In this video clip you'll see Crackers and his trainer Bob Viviano do some crazy tricks and even some line dancing. Crackers is about to celebrate his 30th birthday on May 17, and is currently enjoying a quiet well-deserved retirement in Selkirk, New York.  For years, Bob and Crackers entertained at the Double H Hole in the Woods Ranch, fairs, festivals, and fundraisers.

I have had the honor of hosting Crackers as a guest 'dancer' at the Starburst Skating rink in the '90s (where this video was shot).  Then again, in one of his final public appearances, Crackers joined me in 2007 to dance with thousands of people at the Saratoga Race Course Open House (in the picture above).

Today we salute and honor my good friend Crackers 'the wonder horse' and wish him a happy 30th Birthday and a very peaceful retirement.  Sadly, Crackers passed away on September 27, 2012.