I guess it's unanimous.  I've had a lot of calls for this, so I'm taking on the challenge.  Mechanicville, New York is next up to get it's very own custom written song on Your Town Thursday on the Sean and Richie Show! 

Here's what I know about it.  I know how to get there, for one thing, but in case you don't--

I also know that it's in Saratoga County.  Wikipedia.com has some information, but that would be cheating.  I want to get the information from the "peeps".  Maybe Trisha Bigler can lead the charge, because she's the one who recommended that I do this from Facebook.    Would love to get some pictures, funny facts, hot spots etc.  Hell, I'll even drive there and grab some pictures myself if you tell me where to go (let me rephrase that!)

Please leave the information below or email me photos at Richie@wgna.com .  If you want a sample of a town who gave me great photos to work with, you can see my blog about Cambridge.   Let the info-sharing begin!

The song, by the way, will air on next Thursday's show at about 8:50am and then repeated here in the blogging section.  You can search Mechanicville and find it!